Success GPS
Taking your board from stuck to unstoppable
Guiding ambitious board members to
create an unstoppable roadmap in just 8 
weeks that will pave the way to double, triple 
or even QUADRUPLE their revenue, profit and new customer wins 
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Watch this [three] minute video to discover how Success GPS guides driven but unfocused and time-famished board members to clarity, unity and purpose-driven growth.
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"I sold my business for millions because of this"
Carl Allen - Co-Founder, PROX Capital Group
 You are here
Is this where you are right now?
You’re an ambitious board member of a company that’s generating respectable revenue. But you’ve hit a brick wall.
You’re sick of working 70 hour weeks and seeing no progress. You want to break through to the next level but you don’t know how. And you’re always too busy working in the business rather than on it, so you never get the chance to step back and get a clear perspective of where you are, let alone where you want to be.
Every day is Groundhog Day. The same behaviours. The same results. How can you achieve more?
As a board, you lack clarity. Not only do you not know where you’re headed, you don’t know if you agree on where you should go and the best way to get there. As a result, you can’t focus your time, energy or resources efficiently.
Maybe you’ve lost the spark that led you to create your business in the first place. Perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with your business completely. Or maybe your passion is still burning strong and you want to put your foot down and reach your true potential faster.
Sure, you’re compensated nicely for the work you do but is that all there is? And is that enough to keep you motivated for another 20+ years?
If that’s you, I have good news. You’re exactly where you need to be.
I’ve helped 100s of businesses overcome their biggest challenges and create a plan that leads to results-oriented transformational growth.
I can do the same for you.
It’s time to get off the hamster wheel…
Too many businesses mistake movement for progress. Like a hamster on a wheel, they use a lot of energy to stay right where they are.
It’s like treading water, moving constantly to stay in one place. But why wouldn’t you? If you don’t know where you’re going it beats drowning.
By definition, progress is movement towards a destination. Do you know where you’re going? And if you do, are you 100% certain that your fellow board members share your vision, goals and ambitions?
If you’re not united in your aims and all pulling in the same direction, you’ll never make any worthwhile progress. You’ll just keep treading water.
Success GPS gets you off the hamster wheel, helps you see crystal clearly where you want to go and creates a fully fleshed out plan to get there.
Takes you from stuck to unstoppable...
  • Develop unshakeable confidence, clarity and control over your organisation’s destiny. Break through your current success ceiling to a whole new stratosphere of growth. 
  • Build a robust structure and a framework for continuous, predictable success by defining your end goal and working backwards year by year to where you are right now. 
  • Get everyone on the board on board! Unite your team and align your goals towards a dream destination for everyone. Repeat the process with the rest of your people to transform company culture through purpose-led action.
  • ​Block out distractions and drive towards your goals with a laser-like focus.
  • ​Get your mojo back, reignite the fire in your belly and rediscover your passion for what you do.
  • ​​Create a clear, visual plan of action to achieve results – both long and short term. 
  • Increase productivity while reducing the hours you work — that’s right, cut the 70 hour weeks down and get MORE done! 
  • ​A laser-focused plan that you can follow to confidently double, triple or even quadruple your revenue, profit and new customer wins. 
  • ​Accountability — make sure you stick to the plan and avoid falling back into old familiar ways. 
“I speak for me and my co-directors when I say it is the best thing we have ever done for our business.”
Guy Shorrock - founder, Aldrock
Congratulations, you’re 8 weeks away 
from possessing a personalised roadmap 
to lasting success.
Hi, Andy Henderson here.
Since 2018, I’ve used Success GPS to help 100s of businesses transform their culture and achieve growth they previously thought impossible.
After a successful corporate career, where I took a business from £12 million to £25 million in just three years, I decided to help other organisations realise their own potential.
Combining 20+ years of experience — including the valuable lessons I learned from mistakes I made, as well as big wins — I created Success GPS to help businesses go from stuck to unstoppable.
Simply put, Success GPS is a 6 step system that will help you and your fellow board members see with absolute clarity where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. As one client put it, it’s like goal setting with a Virtual Reality headset on.
This is far more than another goal setting exercise though. It’s about the psychology that spurs you to take the right action, the strategy that leads to predictable results and the power of accountability.
I’m not a traditional consultant. I’m not interested in telling you what to do. Think of me more like a Sherpa guide, helping you summit the mountain of your own collective potential.
Success GPS works for any business in any sector. All it asks of you is to come prepared for honest conversation and bold action.
Sound good? Let’s talk.
Book in for a free business mapping session with me. These sessions are zero fluff and you’ll leave with more clarity about how to move forward. Then it’s up to you whether you take it to the next step.
Speak soon,
A Henderson
Andy Henderson 
"In just 3 months we onboarded more customers and generated more revenue and profit than 
in the previous 18 months combined!"
Jan Evans - Managing Director, Jets GPS Fleet Solutions
The 6 stages of Success GPS
Get clear on where you are right now. What are the obstacles holding you back and what opportunities are in front of you that you’re not capitalising on?
Where would you need to be 10 years from now so that everyone is living the life they want? How does your business need to perform to get there?
You’ve defined your North Star, now we will create the right goals for the right reasons and reverse engineer them back from 10 years to one year.
How do we get there together? What resources do we have and what do we need for the journey?
Through a series of six questions you’ll discover your one-year 12 step plan of action.
Create a 90-day view and a week-by-week view to make sure we stay focused and on track.
Here’s what previous clients say
about Success GPS:

Gary Willis, Director at Aldock Ltd

"Success GPS has been an excellent process to set meaningful objectives and direction for the business as a whole. It's provided a positive impact and it gives the team something to buy into and feel part of something. Without a doubt, it has given us all a manual to succeed and one which we can refer to during our journey to re-focus and connect to keep us on track for success. 

The best thing about the program is, it's our goals and aspirations within our own business rather than the goals and opinions of an outsider. So the desire is much more concentrated, passionate and makes for a more brilliant experience. 

The guidance and teachings help extract the best parts of the business and focus attention to drive the business forward in a productive manner with measured success. Our first goal for myself and the other Directors was to be more structured and intentional in our business direction and growth. Working with Andy has certainly achieved that. We have achieved our first-year milestone goals and are on track to exceed our next year's goals so it's looking good."

Helen Clayton, Partner at PM+M Accountants 

"Success GPS has provided clear goals, clear paths and clear reporting which has provided personal focus and team focus and a better understanding of our business, our client base and where we are heading. 

It has brought the team much closer together, improved communication and drives far more enjoyment in what we're doing collectively.

Definitely recommended - if you want that external perspective, non-judgemental observer, challenger and someone to have fun with - pick Andy!"

Chris Ball, Managing Director at Askews

"Since starting the full GPS programme, myself and the other board members have all learned so much about ourselves and now fully understand why we continue to do what we do. 

The GPS plan has enabled us to regain focus, re-light those fire's and set short, medium and very long term goals. We always had the answers, Andy just encouraged us to share them and document them onto a clear plan. We have a clear step by step plan of the future with tangible goals.

I also would recommend anyone to take advantage of the full package offered, don't just go for the quick fix option. Andy's continued support gives us a regular prod, ensuring that we stick to the plan. It's very easy to get distracted and let things slip when you're busy.

Andy is definitely not a business coach. We have sat through endless meetings with consultants or coaches, discussing any of the individual items/topics that Andy covers, but never all together in one overall programme. It is the connection of all aspects of the Success GPS programme together that make this so different. You need to fully understand who you are before you can set a destination. "
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